Picturesque vale!


Kokernag is approximately 70 km from the district of Srinagar. Blooming gardens surround this spring, which bubbles at seven places at the foot of the forested mountain. The water of Kokernag in Kashmir is believed to have medicinal and digestive properties. And because of these properties only, the spring is also known as Papashudan Nag or the sin-cleansing spring. There is also a botanical garden and a rose garden near Kokernag, overflowing with fragrances of flowers and shrubs. It is also the largest fresh water spring of the Kashmir valley. The word Kokernag is a combination of the two words, Koker meaning ‘fowl’ and Nag meaning ‘serpent’. It has a collection of many small springs and collectively, they all look like the claw foot of a Koker (cock). And the flowing stream resembles a moving serpent. Hence, the name “Kokernag”, the spring comprise of 300 canals, 129 canals for garden purposes and 171 canals for forest area. A spring with curative properties, is a favorite picnic spot of local visitors who enjoy a family lunch and relish the spring water.




The place is famous for gardens, largest fresh water springs in Kashmir and for its trout streams. Towns and village situated around are Wangam, Hangalgund,Nagam, Sagam, Zalergam, Dacksum,Elaki Soaf Shali breng,etc. Kokernag has been mentioned in Ain Akbari, where in it has been mentioned that it’s water satisfies both hunger and thirst and it is also a remedy for indigestion. It is also famous for its trout streams and the largest fresh water spring in Kashmir, Trout hatchery department which has constructed pools in series where in trout is reared. Different pools have got trout with different weights and ages. Departments sells it to the tourists who find it a delicious dish and enjoy it. Located at a distance of eight miles form Achabal and famous for the curative properties of its beautiful spring, Kokernag has some historical importance also.

Distance from Srinagar:  83kms

Reach by: Taxi(recommended)

Best time to visit: April-October

Entry Fee: Rs. 20

Timings: 9AM-Sunset

Elevation: 2000m