Also referred as ‘the places of the princess’, Achabal Garden is a small Mughal Garden located in Achabal, a town in Anantnag district of Kashmir valley. Lies at a distance of 58 km south of Srinagar, this garden is considered as one of the best Mughal Garden in India. It is believed to be built by Mughal Empress Nur Jahan, wife of Emperor Jahangir. Later, the garden was rebuilt on smaller scale by Dogra King Gulab Singh. The most attractive feature of the garden is that it is watered by one of the sacred mountain spring of the neighboring hill. The fountains in water springs of the garden represent a romantic history of the ancient era. Resting at a foot of a Himalayan hill, Achabal Gardens covers an area of 6.20 hectares. Rows of majestic Chinar trees offer captivating views of the garden. The stepped terraces, fountains, waterfalls, sparkling shrubs and flowers add to the beauty of the Garden.

Although Achabal was once larger than it is today, its original dimensions are unknown. Today it has a rectangular shape, 247 meters long by 155 meters wide. It is aligned along the north-south axis, with the southern edge along its highest point (the site of the water source). The garden is segmented into three terraces, with a central water stream along the north-south axis that features three fountain basins. There are two walkways on either side of the axial water stream. Smaller side water channels to the east and west parallel the principal axial stream, and receive water from a stream running east-west on the third terrace.


View of Achabal Garden


In the garden of Achabal the water gushes out of the spasm with great vigor throughout the entire year. In the later ages the Mughal prince Dara Shikoh built a mosque in the garden. There is also a trout farm for seed fish nearby. There are tourist bungalows and tourist huts nearby where the tourists can spend some moments in the lap of the beautiful setup. This garden is universally regarded as a visual treat for the eyes. This garden is also well adorned with sprawling Chinar trees. Stepped terraces, ornamental shrubs and conventional elegance, are the added attraction, which not only mesmerizes one but also attracts thousands of tourists from all over the globe every year.


Distance from Srinagar: 69kms

Reach by: Taxi(recommended)

Best time to visit: April-November

Entry Fee: Rs. 20

Timings: 9AM-Sunset

Elevation: 1936m